Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I cried to the Lord

I cried to the Lord, I fell on the ground. I wanted to tear my clothes that felt so filthy, but they wouldn’t tear. I closed my eyes and covered my face with the hands I hated. I cried to You Lord, but You didn’t come. I wanted to stand up with You, but I couldn’t see You. When I tried to stand up, the strength I thought I had crumbled like sand. I screamed for help. But where were You?
I can’t hear Your voice! I can’t see Your face! I can’t feel Your hands!
While the words were still in my mouth the ground began to shake and the sound of rumbling thunder swept over me. The thing I heard next was completely different than what I thought would come…It was a still small voice….

“Oh foolish, beloved, child of Mine, You’re so afraid that I have forgotten you, but what you do not know is that it is you who has forgotten Me.
I was there when you cried, I saw your pain, but your eyes were shut tight so you didn’t see Me. I saw you child, trying to tear your beautiful righteous robe that I gave and wrapped around you. You have forgotten that you are wearing My robe. You think you still have your ugly rags on, which I took away at the Cross.
You have forgotten the wonders I have done for you
When you called I was already there.
When you wanted to stand, My arm was there stretched out before you to help you up. But you didn’t take My hand. You didn’t realize that the very thing you wanted you were pushing away.
My strength was enough for you, but you wouldn’t lean on Me.
You didn’t know that when you screamed for My help, that I was holding you in My hands, and all the help you needed was there.
Don’t forget who I AM! Don’t forget who you are!
Now, My dear child, remember this…
When you cry out for help, grab My hand that is held out to you.
Don’t try to lean on your strength that fails, lean on Me and I will support you.
When your heart is restless, and you can’t see the grace I pour, open your eyes and look at Me, I’m all you need! Look at Me and see My scarred hands that took away your filthy sins. I grabbed the cup of wrath that was for you to drink, and I drank it for you. It is finished! There’s no more condemnation for you, I took it all! You are forever Mine! It was My joy to save you! I loved you first little child! Do not be afraid!