Thursday, May 20, 2010

We are behind enemy lines!

Do we as believers in Christ Jesus realize that we are behind enemy lines?

Do we take this fact seriously?

Are we even aware that we are in a war zone, being pursued by our enemy?

(1Peter 5:8, Be of sober spirit, be on the alert. Your ADVERSARY, the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.)

Children of God, we are being attacked! Satan and his schemes are trying to make us fall, sin jumps out at us, trying to entangle us. We are behind enemy lines! We MUST act as if we are! Take seriously the warning God gives us in 1Pt 5:8.

Be careful, oh, be very careful not to be comfortable in our enemy’s territory. Don’t make this world your home.

If you were in a battle with your enemy trying to kill you… Danger all around you… I don’t think the first thing you would do is get comfortable, relax and act like you were at home. What would you do???

Be alert, be watching every moment for your enemy’s attack. Go into each day attacking, charging the sin in our lives with vigor, with the strength of the Lord. Go into each battle expecting the fight to be hard.

But don’t grow weary in doing good.

At times things do seem overwhelming… we fail to be watchful, we run away from Christ rather than run to Him, we don’t fight our sin as we should…I am reminded of and so glad that God gives us verse 7, in 1Pt 5,

Casting all your anxiety on Him,(God)for He cares for you.”

We must remember our great Savior, for He too was sent on a mission behind enemy lines. Look how He fought, how He did not quit, how He bled, how He was crushed by His Father for us, how He forgave us. He won the war, He defeated death and sin. Don’t forget who you are in Christ now. We must remember who we(believers) belong to.

We are still not home, right now it is time for war. But, let this spur us on to keep fighting the good fight, always looking at Jesus. Have a yearning for our true home, have a yearning to be with our Savior!

Until then, we are still behind enemy lines.

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